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The project

Play it for Change aims to educate youth around gender-based violence through music videos and songs.

  • Awareness-raising to prevent and combat GBV

  • Audio-visual media & music play an essential role in teenagers’ lives and in their gender identity.
  • Critical thinking and empowerment

  • Fostering the empowerment and encouraging critical thinking skills among adolescents contribute to combat gender-based violence.
  • The role of audio-visual media & music

  • Audio-visual media & music are potential tools for changing gender power relationships.

The project
across Europe

What will the project do?


Collect evidence on the impact of gender stereotypes in audio-visual media & music on youth attitudes and behaviours towards GBV, and assess the needs of teachers to prevent GBV.


Build the capacity of teachers to prevent GBV through gender-sensitive audio-visual media & music.


Educate and encourage critical thinking among girls and boys by providing information and skills to foster their


Foster international communication among girls and boys, to multiply and disseminate the results of the project.

Project phases

  1. Collection of evidence

    Research on the attitudes of young people towards gender-based violence and gender stereotypes in music, through a questionnaire aimed at young people and discussion groups with both adolescents and teachers. Analysis and main conclusions will be included in national reports by country and also in a transnational comparative report.

  2. Training for teachers

    In this training activity, we will work on gender-based violence and gender stereotypes in music & audio-visual media. The objective is to give tools to teachers so that they can work on the prevention of gender-based violence with their students in an innovative way.

  3. Activities for young people

    Awareness activities are aimed at adolescents and performed by previously trained teachers. This stage also includes workshops with artists and experts in the field. The goal is to create songs and videos that can be shared on the web and social networks.

  4. Exchange of experiences

    Students and teachers involved in the project will be able to exchange their experiencies and music & audio-visual productions in a final gathering held in each participating country.


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